Our journey to bring quality attachments and service support to the scrap recycling, construction, demolition, & mining industries

Exodus Machines Founders - Bruce, Greg, and Jim

In 2008 Visionary Leader, Bruce Bacon, along with Jim Campbell, Greg Bacon, and several other investors, founded Exodus Machines (now Exodus Global). All have a history steeped in the scrap industry.

The intent was to design, build, sell and service world class purpose-built wheeled material handlers for the scrap industry.  The market was, and still is, dominated by Liebherr and Sennebogen, both German companies.

Many hours were spent in the field, interviewing customers about what they liked, and didn’t like, about their current material handler. With that information and a blank sheet in front of them, the initial engineering team of Adam Bennis, Vice President of Engineering, Ben Anderson, Hydraulics Engineer and Roche Lally Sr. Structural Engineer began their work. 

Right up until Ben’s passing in 2016, he and Roche would jeer back and forth about who was “employee #2” both were hired at the same time, but Roche deferred the title to Ben. 

Ben Anderson & Family - Exodus Machines
Ben Anderson & Family

18 months later the first machine was complete and shipped to a scrap yard in Colorado. “Field testing” amounted to putting it to work in a scrap yard.

The machine pushed the norms with electric over hydraulic controls, on board diagnostics, and a patented cab to ground feature allowing the operator to step into the cab from ground level.


In August 2010, the original shareholders welcomed an investment by Murray Johnson to help carry the Company through the troubled economic times and provide a level of financial stability. Murray has investments in several businesses in Superior and greater Wisconsin and knows the importance of strong leadership.  With that in mind, he formed a Board of Directors to help guide the company.

In October 2010, Caterpillar® (CAT) approached Exodus to form an Alliance on the Exodus material handler.  Exodus would design and build, CAT would sell and service the machines through their network of dealers. After due consideration, the Exodus Board declined the initial offer, but were approached again early 2011 and negotiations began.  

Kevin Boreen, CEO

In October 2011, Kevin Boreen, one of the original Board of Directors, joined the company as Chief Executive Officer.  

 The Alliance Agreement with CAT was signed January 4, 2012.   

Machine Handlers

In 2012, Exodus broke ground on a 60,000 Sq. Ft. addition, and two 5-axis machining centers. 

The addition was completed in 2013. Today, Exodus Global has 90,000 Sq. Ft of manufacturing and warehouse space. 

Exodus has continued to invest in

people & equipment

Fortress Shear with BladeCore blades
BladeCore - Exodus Machines
ShearCore Logo

In 2014, the BladeCore and ShearCore divisions were started. 

BladeCore offers top quality replacement blades for mobile and stationary shears. They specialize in blades for a variety of shears including Fortress®, Genesis®, and LaBounty®. They also produce blades for stationary shears including Sierra®, Copex®, Harris®, Metso® and Bonfigilioli®. 

ShearCore designs, engineers, manufactures, sells and supports a full line of processing equipment for the scrap recycling and demolition industries. ShearCore designs and manufactures the Fortress mobile shears


Connec tWork Tools Logo

In December 2015, the Connect Work Tools Division was started. 

Connect Work Tools offers premium attachments – hydraulic breakers, rotating grapples, compactors, and pulverizers for the construction, demolition, recycling and mining industries. They have a vast inventory of product and support parts and provide rebuild services

In 2021, we added a second location in Cleburne, TX that includes a full rebuild center, parts, service, and sales, along with a large stock of all Connect Work Tools products – Hydraulic Breakers, Compactors, Grapples and Pulverizers. 


OilQuickUSA, our fourth division, was created in February 2016. OilQuick USA was the United States distributor of the OilQuick automatic quick coupler system. The OilQuick system allows hydraulic work tools to be connected and disconnected from the driver’s cab. The operator can change between work tools within 10 seconds. 

In 2022, Exodus Global and OilQuick AB announced a joint venture to begin manufacturing the OilQuick Coupler system in Superior, WI. The new company has been named OilQuick Americas, LLC. and will service both the North and South American markets.

OilQuickUSA is now OilQuickAmericas. 

Exodus Global History
Exodus Machines 2019 Milling Centers

Although, the Caterpillar® alliance ended in 2017. We continue to service, rebuild and provide parts for the Exodus and Caterpillar Material Handlers. 

In late 2018, another 5-axis machining center was added and two more 3-axis machining centers in 2019.

In 2020, we changed our name from Exodus Machines  to Exodus Global to reflect our expanding manufacturing operations. 

In addition to adding a second location in Cleburne, TX in 2021, we also added a Durma Break Press machine to our facility in Superior, WI. 


Today, we manufacture the Fortress line of ShearCore and provide rebuild and services on our other machines, including the Exodus and Caterpillar Material Handlers. Our parts and service departments provides parts and support for all divisions. 

Exodus Global is focused on bringing quality attachments and service support to the scrap, construction, mining industries and more! 

In 2022, Exodus Global and OilQuick announced a joint venture to begin manufacturing the OilQuick Coupler system in Superior, WI.

State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment has been ordered and will be installed at its Superior, Wisconsin location. 

Exodus Global
RockZone Americas

2023, Exodus Global announced the acquisition of Rockwheel Americas and welcomed their team to the Exodus Global family.

Rockwheel Americas is the North American Distributor for the RockWheel, RockCrusher and RockScreener hydraulic attachments which are used extensively in the excavation, demolition, pipeline, utility, and mining industries. 

Moving forward, the division will operate as RockZone Americas to better reflect the product line and to align with RockZone Global.

We believe integrity, service, and support always win and will consistently keep them our primary focus.

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