Cultivating Connections Over Lunch: The Story of Exodus Global

Exodus Global Cooking Connections

In the heart of Superior, Wisconsin, a remarkable manufacturing company known as Exodus Global has been quietly making waves in the construction, demolition, and recycling industries. What sets this family-founded, privately owned company apart is not just its cutting-edge products, but also its commitment to fostering a sense of community among its employees. As a leading manufacturer and distributor with an expanding presence across North America, Exodus Global’s story is as much about innovative hydraulic attachments as it is about bringing people together.

A Legacy of Excellence: Exodus Global, founded by a family with a passion for innovation and a love for the shores of Lake Superior, has grown into an industry leader over the years. Their range of products under the brands ShearCore, BladeCore, Connect Work Tools, OilQuick Americas, and RockZone Americas has become synonymous with quality and reliability. Operating out of facilities in Superior, WI, Cleburne, TX, and Bellefonte, PA, the company has carved a niche as one of the most respected and fastest growing hydraulic attachment suppliers in North America.

Beyond Machines and Products: But Exodus Global’s story isn’t just about manufacturing and distribution. It’s about people – the employees who work tirelessly behind the scenes to drive the company’s success. One unique aspect of Exodus Global’s corporate culture is their dedication to fostering meaningful connections among their team members.

Lunchtime Camaraderie: Gathering around a table for a meal might seem like a simple routine, but at Exodus Global, it’s a cherished tradition. The company’s commitment to employee well-being extends beyond the workplace itself. By organizing regular employee lunch gatherings, Exodus Global provides a space for their team to step away from their machines and desks, and engage in something deeper than just work-related conversations.

Nurturing Connections: These lunchtime gatherings serve as a valuable opportunity for employees to relax, unwind, and connect with their colleagues on a personal level. The conversations that unfold over these meals delve into interests, stories, and experiences that go beyond the professional realm. This environment of genuine interaction nurtures a sense of camaraderie, ultimately forging strong connections among team members.

More Than Colleagues – A Family: Exodus Global’s commitment to fostering these connections goes beyond mere team-building exercises. It speaks to their dedication to treating their employees not just as colleagues, but as an extended family.
This sense of family fosters an environment in which individuals are valued, listened to, and supported, thereby boosting job satisfaction and overall productivity.

A Legacy of Unity: In an era where technology often overshadows human interactions, Exodus Global’s commitment to gathering their team around a lunch table is a refreshing reminder of the power of human connection. Through their innovative products, unwavering dedication to quality, and their emphasis on fostering meaningful relationships, Exodus Global is creating a legacy of unity that extends beyond hydraulic attachments. As the company continues to expand its reach and impact, one thing remains clear – at Exodus Global, success is measured not just in terms of products sold, but in the smiles shared and the bonds formed over a simple, hearty meal.

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