Lake Superior Dragon Boat

Join the 2024 Exodus Global Dragon Boat Team

Exodus Global is proud to be a community sponsor of the annual Lake Superior Boat Festival. 

We are looking for paddlers to join our team. 

When: Saturday, August 24m 2024 – plan for 8 am – 3 pm 

*We do need to have on practice prior to the event. I will try to get that scheduled for Friday evening. 

Where: Barkers Island, Superior, WI

Experience Needed: NONE, just a willingness to have fun! 

How many are needed: 21 that must include 8 females. We also need 4 alternates to jump in if needed. 

The Lake Superior Dragon Boat raises funds for the 23rd Veterans – an awesome local non-profit that helps veterans return to their community.  

This is a FUN FAMILY event and families are encouraged to join us.

There will be kids activities throughout the day to keep the kids entertained

Murray Dragon Boat 2023

I’d like to encourage everyone at Exodus Global and our Family of companies to get involved and join us for the 2024 Dragon Boat Festival in Superior this August 26th.

Those of us who participated last couple of years have had an incredible experience.  

Not only was it a fun day out on Lake Superior, a great way to get to know some of our other team members but also a great cause to raise money for.

The 23rd Veteran helps those who have fought in wars for America to adjust to life back home because too many lives are lost to suicide.  

Even if you can’t participate in the rowing, we hope that you’ll support the team with a donation to The 23rd Veteran,” states Murray Johnson, Owner.

Exodus Global will match the donations - let's double our donation!

Can you help us with our fundraising goal to support our local veterans?

How can I get involved? 

  1. Sign up to be a paddler
  2. Volunteer that day at our campsite with food and activities
  3. Make a donation to help us reach our fundraising goals

Sign up to Paddle

2024 Exodus Gliders
Exodus Global 2023 Dragon Boat Team. Join us this year!

Frequently Asked Questions

Since 2002 – The Dragon Boat Festival has been a family fun event for the good of the Superior, Wisconsin community. 

The Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival (LSDBF) is organized, operated and staffed by Rotary Club of Superior for the good of our community. These members who are local residents of the Twin Ports area have created this family fun event to better the community and experiences of the people within it. Since 2002, LSDBF has raised over $1.3 million to support charitable organizations in the Twin Ports.

LSDBF supports the mission of Rotary International: to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through its fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.

Rotary International consists of 1.2 million members and 33,000 clubs in over 200 countries worldwide.

From Wikipedia:

A dragon boat is a human-powered watercraft originating from the Pearl River Delta region of China’s southern Guangdong Province. These were made of teak, but in other parts of China different kinds of wood are used. It is one of a family of traditional paddled long boats found throughout Asia, Africa, the Pacific islands, and Puerto Rico. The sport of dragon boat racing has its roots in an ancient folk ritual of contending villagers, which dates back 2000 years throughout southern China, and even further to the original games of Olympia in ancient Greece.

The crew of a standard dragon boat typically consists of 22 team members: 20 paddlers in pairs facing toward the bow of the boat, 1 drummer or caller at the bow facing toward the paddlers, and 1 steerer standing at the rear of the boat.[3] Dragon boats, however, do vary in length and the crew size changes accordingly, from small dragon boats with only 10 paddlers up to traditional boats which have upwards of 50 paddlers, plus drummer(s) and steerer.

Pairs of paddlers sit facing forward in the boat, and use a specific type of paddle which, unlike equipment used in rowing, is not rigged to the boat in any way. The paddlers face the direction of boat-movement, dragon boaters thus “paddle,” like a canoe; while rowers “row” travelling opposite the way they face as in Olympic sculling.

The first pair of paddlers, called “pacers,” “strokes” or “timers,” set the pace for the team and are responsible for synchronizing their strokes with one another, because it is critical that all paddlers are synchronized. The direction of the dragon boat while racing is set by the steerer, but for docking and other maneuvers, individual paddlers may be asked to paddle (while others either stop the boat or rest) according to the commands given by the drummer or steerer.

There are generally three different strokes used by paddlers: a (normal) forward stroke, a backstroke, and a draw stroke.

The pulsation of the drum beats produced by the drummer may be considered the “heartbeat” of the dragon boat. The drummer leads the paddlers throughout a race using the rhythmic drum beat to indicate the frequency and synchronization of all the paddlers’ strokes (that is, the cadence, picking up or accelerating the pace, slowing the rate, etc.).

The direction of a dragon boat’s movement is controlled by the steerer standing in the back of the boat. Many terms exist for the person steering the boat, such as steerer, steersperson, steerman, sweep, and helm.

The steerer manipulates a long (typically 9-feet) straight oar, called a steering oar. The steering oar is situated in a mechanism that holds the oar in place, called oar lock. The oar lock can be in a variety of designs, so long as it holds the oar in place and allows it to pivot. It is housed on top of the steering arm, which sticks out perpendicularly on the back-left of a dragon boat.

YES! This is a family friendly event and there will be activities throughout the day for the kids to enjoy. 

We will have an hour practice – time to be determined, but I will try to get Friday, August 23, 2024 in the evening. 

Saturday, August 25, 2024, likely will be from 8 am – 3 pm. Last year, we qualified for a third race. 

NOPE – just a willingness to have fun, learn and work together as a team. 

And, listen to Tonya give directions very loudly 😉 

Exodus Global will provide breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages. You might want to bring some cash for food and beverage trucks. 

I also suggest bringing extra clothes – you might get a little wet from the paddling.  And, we all know good ol’ Lake Superior – the winds can change in a matter of minutes. 

The Rotary provides the boats, the lifejackets and the paddles. 

We encourage anyone who wants to volunteer to participate. However, travel to the event would be out of pocket. Those of us who live local would be happy to host you if you decide to travel to spend the weekend with us. 

The 23rd Veteran mission is to provide happier, healthier lives for veterans living with trauma. 

Ten years after serving in combat the founder of 23rd Veteran returned to hope and happiness. Seeing many of his Marine Corps brothers and sisters continue that struggle, he vowed to grow an organization that could give them a chance to earn their happiness.

Personal trainers, positive psychologists, and military personnel collectively created the 23V Recon Playbook. A unique 14-week full-exposure and holistic approach to removing the negative effects of trauma. Based on self-reported data, this is one of the most effective programs developed for military and veterans who’ve experienced trauma.

100% of graduates have reported living a happier and higher quality of life. Many graduates have returned to the workforce, healthier family lives, and stronger contributors to their community.

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Tonya Land Dragon Boat 2023

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