Tonya Land, Marketing Specialist
August 4, 2020

Exodus Machines arguably has the best welders.

Exodus Machines believes in investing in our employees and providing opportunities to enhance skills and gain certification. Last month, our welding team completed and passed the unlimited thickness weld certification.

As a marketing person, I wanted to do a little more digging on the certification – I learned that there isn’t a lot of really non-technical literature on the subject because there are so many different types of welding qualifications one can hold and the qualifications are dependent on position, weld process, plate thickness, etc.

What I did find is that the AWS D1.1 is one of the most common welding codes, which covers structural steel welding. Our welders completed the AWS D1.1 in the 1G position – which certified them for groove and fillet welds on 1/8” and greater material and the production of flat grooves and flat and horizontal fillet welds.

When I was in the welding area taking photos of the team working on their certification, I had a chance to talk with the welders – I didn’t want my taking of photos to distract them from their work 😊 – they all were excited to show off their welding abilities and grateful that Exodus was providing them opportunities to earn the certifications.

Once the welders completed the process, the welds were taken over to Twin Ports Testing to have them run through their certification process. After Twin Ports Testing had a chance to review the welds, we learned that all our welders had passed the certification.

Jim Campbell, Vice President of Operations stated it the best, “Exodus Machines…where we certify so that you have the best of the best manufacturing your attachment.

Exodus Machines is home to BladeCore, Connect Work Tools, OilQuickUSA and ShearCore and manufactures ShearCore’s Fortress mobile shears and concrete processors.

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